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Darton Sleeves

Darton Sleeves Nissan SR20 300-035-SF & DF

Darton Sleeves Nissan SR20 300-035-SF & DF

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The Darton sleeve material is much more abrasion resistant and harder on the surface than any other product available. This feature provides for good oil retention, ring seal, and the ultimate in leak down performance. DARTON performance sleeves in a “Race Ready” condition are in stock for most all popular applications. The sleeves can be bored out to 90mm. Made out of ductile iron.

  • Brand: Darton Sleeves
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 300-035-SF / 300-035-DF
  • Bore: 3.370in
  • Outside Diameter: 3.751in
  • Outside Diameter 2: 3.712in
  • Wall: .190in
  • Length: 5.335in
  • Flange Thickness: .200in
  • Flange Diameter: 3.920in
  • Flats: 3.818in
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