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GSC Power-Division

GSC Power-Division Intake Valve +1mm Oversized Set Toyota 2JZ GSC2064-12

GSC Power-Division Intake Valve +1mm Oversized Set Toyota 2JZ GSC2064-12

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GSC used advanced 3D design and simulation software to create a stronger and higher flowing valve head design. They flow tested prototype valve heads in the specific applications to make sure they produced the highest flowing valve head available on the market today. With the materials used, they achieved less valve distortion at the face than any of the tested designs. Less distortion allows for better sealing under extreme conditions and more consistent performance throughout the life of the valve. GSC Power-Division's new valves are sure to become the industry standard for sport compact performance valves. Each valve features a swirl polished head for smoother air flow over the valve. Back cut to reduce valve weight for higher RPMs, higher boost pressure, and allow for more aggressive cam profiles without increasing valve spring seat pressures. Set of 12.

  • Brand: GSC Power-Division
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GSC2064-12
  • Overall Length: 98.4mm
  • Head Diameter: 34.5mm
  • Stem Diameter: 6mm
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