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Harland Sharp

Harland Sharp 1.7:1 Rockers Chevy LS Gen III SLS17

Harland Sharp 1.7:1 Rockers Chevy LS Gen III SLS17

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Harland Sharp original series, pedestal mount, GM LS1/LS4 roller rockers are designed to be a replacement for the factory rocker that fits under the stock valve cover. Simply remove the factory rockers and rocker stands and replace with your new Harland Sharp roller rockers. We recommend always checking for head & valve cover clearance and proper lifter preload. We have encountered core shift issues that have interfered with our rockers. These non-adjustable rockers are designed to the factory specs. If you change camshafts or machine the heads, you will have to correct your pushrod length. Always check before installing.

  • Brand: Harland Sharp
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SLS17
  • Ratio: 1.7:1
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