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Injector Dynamics

Injector Dynamics IDX 1050 Injectors Chevy LS 1050.

Injector Dynamics IDX 1050 Injectors Chevy LS 1050.

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Injector Dynamics ID1050x fuel injectors are a built-to-spec motorsport injector, offering optimization of critical operating parameters important to you, the motorsport tuner. Built on the evolution of the ID1000 and X Series, these injectors are a drastic improvement over previous series from Injector Dynamics. Order the set recommended for your vehicle.

Features include:

* Requires only 8 V for consistent operation at 8 bar
* Corrosion resistance makes them compatible with all automotive fuels
* Compact bodies allow fitment in over 200 applications
* Improved internal flow path—without sacrificing low flow performance
* Stronger magnetic circuit offers stable operation up to 10 bar
* Replaceable inlet filter extends service life

  • Brand: Injector Dynamics
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1050.
  • OEM Replacement: No
  • Injector Advertised Flow Rate: 1065cc/min
  • Injector Plug Style: USCAR
  • Overall Height: 1.69in
  • Seat to Seat Height: 1.319in
  • Manifold O-Ring Outside Diameter: .551in
  • Fuel Rail O-Ring Outside Diameter: .551in
  • Wiring Harness Included: No
  • O-Rings Included: Yes
  • Quantity: Set of 8
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