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Spool Imports

Spool Drag Pro I-Beam Connecting Rods Nissan SR20 SPL-SR20-DP

Spool Drag Pro I-Beam Connecting Rods Nissan SR20 SPL-SR20-DP

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ARP main stud kits help eliminate main cap walk/fretting and protect the threads in your engine block. They include studs made from 8740 chromoly steel and heat-treated in-house to 190,000 psi tensile-strength rating. The precision J-form threads are rolled after heat-treat for much stronger threads than the competition. Kits come complete with hardened parallel-ground washers and high-quality nuts. Add confidence in the strength of your engine build with the ARP main stud kit designed for your application.

  • Brand: Spool Imports
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SPL-SR20-DP
  • Extra Info:
  1. High Tensile 4340 Forged Steel
  2. 2 Piece Forging
  3. Hardness of HRC36-42
  4. Dowelled caps for precision alignment
  5. X-Ray and Sonic Tested
  6. Quenching and Heat Treated
  7. Shot Peened
  8. 100% Magnafluxed
  9. Weight Matched Sets +/- Gram
  10. Vacuum Degassed to remove impurities
  11. Side oil squirters
  12. Upgraded ARP2000 7/16 Bolts
  13. Increased strength to beam, around the fasteners / bolts, and around the gudgeon pin
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