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Supertech Dual Valve Spring Kit Toyota 2JZ SPRK-TS1015

Supertech Dual Valve Spring Kit Toyota 2JZ SPRK-TS1015

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All Supertech valve springs are made with premium Superclean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel Alloy for higher performance and durability at high RPMs. Using high quality steel alloy also provides the added benefit of better structural memory for all of our springs. Supertech's valve springs are computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not overpass the limits of stress defined in the diagrams of fatigue. We also utilize computer software that allows us to ensure that the harmonics are under control. This combined with our high quality steel alloy enables Supertech valve springs to be more durable in extreme conditions, giving your performance racing engine a serious competitive advantage in both performance and durability. The Supertech retainers are manufactured with high quality military certified titanium alloy, and are CNC machined for a tight fit. Our high quality retainers are among the best in the industry.

  • Brand: Supertech Performance
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SPRK-TS1015
  • Type: Dual Spring
  • Seat Pressure: 91 lbs @ 33.60mm
  • Max Lift: 12.90mm
  • Coil Bind: 20.70mm
  • Rate: 12.10mm
  • Retainer: RET-TS60/T1B
  • Spring: SPR-TS1015
  • Seat Locator: SEAT-TS1015/2 + OEM Seat Locator
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